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Tough Guy, wiht Tim and family in TX

Lea Ann,

Just wanted to write and let you know that Tough Guy is really a joyful, and humorous addition to our family. He must be part Gazell, the way he jumps. Forward, backwards, sideways or diagonal, he can jump anyway you can imagine. It took Lizzie about a week of being somewhat snooty, but she has accepted him as part of the fmaily now. She has even livened up since he has gotten here, playing with him like she is a puppy again. Everyone has really enjoyed Tough Guy. He is such a sweet boy, even when he is being mischievous, which is fairly often! Thanks for the easy transaction, and a great puppy. We hope you have a great year, and add joy to many other families with you puppies,

Tim, Shannon, Lianna & Alexa

Lucy, with Kathi and family in WA

Hi Lea Ann,

Just wanted to send a couple pics of Lucy and us around the island. She seems to be very happy, and of course we are so in love with her. We go on walks along the beach quite regular, and she loves the waves and sea weed and all the other dogs we meet there. she is a cuddler extroidinaire! I love that, and she is adjusting to the cats too. Thank you for your kindness and help in keeping her longer than usualy and being patient with our move, etc. It is breeders like you guys that make things right. Wish more people had such ethics and caring attitude. Until later,


Gracie, with Sara in OKC

Hey Lea Ann!

I finally got a digital camera so I wanted to send you some pics of her. She is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for all your help. I think my parents are falling for one of yours as well ( They did, they got Baxter!) Hope the girls are doing good with ball.

Talk to you later,

Hope you enjoy the pics!


Beamer, with Jody and family in MD

Lea Ann, Hello!

Hope all is well with you and your family. I thought you guys would like to see some photos of Beamer. He is just the sweetest dog, and thinks he is a lap dog. Beamer is always wanting some love! He is gentle, sweet, and energetic. He talks to me first think in the morning. Real funny! He does bark, believe it or not, when he is playing with his sister, Prissy. He has been the best dog I have ever had. I am absolutely sure that I will always own this breed, Take care


Bogey, with Jeff & Jennifer in CA

Hi LeaAnn,

How are you and your family doing? I hope this email finds you wll. My husband and I and Bogey are all doing veey well! We just adore Bogey. It seems every day, he does something new that Jeff and I just fall in love with...even whe he's just sitting on the couch! Now that the rainy season is over in CA, Jeff and I have been taking Bogey to dog parks, the beach, etc. he loves to socialize! We have been taking him to puppy training class as well

Take care, Jennifer!

Brian, with Kristen and family in CO.

Lea Ann

In just one month he has learned so much! Thanks for working with him before he came to us, he has had VERY few accidents. I was so impressed and he sure LOVES his dog door. In fact, he showed Geo, our Dalmation/Pointer mix how to use it!!! We built him a ramp to go up and down the back porch area so he doen't have to jump. He uses the ramp as a launch pad anyway! Brian has learned to sit and is now working on stay. My parents came out for Chirstmas, and really enjoyed having him warm their laps. They thought he was so smart and well behaved. I plan on taking him to some puppy classes, just to reinforce what we have been teaching him and so he can socialize with some more dogs. He is doing great, he even lets me trim his toenails!


Kristen, Phil, Geo and Brian

Kirra, with Laurel and family in SC

Dear Lea Ann,

Kirra (Hallie) took a trip to the vet on Wed. She needed to have 4 baby teeth bulles and be spayed. This was the first time we have had anything major done at this clinic. There wer great, she was in good hands, and has recovered very quickly. Everyone really loves her and asked me where she is from. I gave them the website. I will always be grateful to you for making purchasing a puppy online a pleasant experience.

Best Wishes for the New Year


Gracie, with Misti in NJ

Dear Lea Ann,

Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful bundle of pure joy into my life. I received Gracie when I went home to AL for Chirstmas (2005) this year from my mother and father. My family had already fallen in love with her before I came down for the holidays, which made it very hard for them to see her go back wth me to Jersey. I haven't directly communicated with you, but my mother, Annette, had nothing but praises for you. You were so helpful & friendly towards her. I truly appreciate you for making her experience a very pleasant one. As you know, I recently lost my little best friend of many, many years. I was unsure that I would have enough room in my heart for another little buddy. Once I gas Gracie's little sweet face, my heart grew so much. She is so funny & smart, too smart for her own good most of the time! Sean & I love to just sit and wathc her play, we love to hold her while she sleeps and most of all, we love to spoil her rotten! She is so special & I can't imagine our lives without her. Now I know that there is plenty of room in my heart for all the love Gracie will ever need.Thanks again for such a smart, beautiful sweetheart!

Take Care, Misti!


Boots, with Ariel and family in NJ

Hi Lea Ann

It is nice to hear from you, hope all is well

We are doing great here, including Boots. he has grown so much, and brought so much fun and joy to us. Ariane has been checking your website regularly. She showed me the latest puppies you have, they all look so cute. I'll let you know when we are ready for another one. Take care, and keep in touch



More soon, scroll down to see the final one on this page. Page 3 is going to have some soon. Lea Ann











Koda, with Carri and family in CA

Hi Lea Ann:

I thought I would send you a few pictures of Koda, he is such a good boy and full of energy and then some. We love him alot, he is the total opposite of Chole, he is always ready to go and makes sure you are playing with him all the time, andi f your not he will bring you his toys and drop them all in your lap until you do play wit him, it is so funny! We have to watch what we say around him, we don't say WALK or TREAT unless we mean it or he flips out and gets so excited it could be raining and he wouldn't care! He has been such a joy, and makes us laugh all the time. When we talk to him, he tilts his head to the left or right, like we are stupid! When I give Chole a bath, he crys to get in the bath, and then whines to get out of the bath. And they say women can't make up their minds!


Carri and family in CA



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