Saabu, with Kim and David in MI

OUR SAABU! This is our little guy, One year old Birthday! He is the joy of our lives. he has become everything my husband and I hoped he would be and more. Saabu has the the "GREAT TRAITS" that this breed is so well known for, and his love of family is a wonderful experience. We are so thankful we decided on this breed, on this particular puppy, and this particular breeder. We will always have at least one or two of this breed living in our home. They add so much joy to our surroundings. JOY and INTELLIGENCE. Working with Lea Ann and Joe was another positive part of our search process. they are wonderful people... offering honesty and kindness in every part of our search process. They treated our 1st "Curious Inqiury" with the same care, concern and detail that they treated all of our contacts throughout the entire purchase process. Even now, a year later, we know they will kindly address any questions we might have. So you can see, to have found Saabu and Lea Ann and Joe, it was a win/win situation, for us in all areas involved in finding and bringing our little guy home. Kim and David, Michigan