Devon and Sammy, with Hannah and family in St Louis

Lea Ann, I wanted to send some pictures of Sammy and Devon. Sammy is 3 years old, Devon is 1 year old. Devon is a little goat who eats everything he can get ahold of. sammy is very sleepy. They love to wrestle and they curl up together, I think they love to be together. I love my dogs, they are my best friends, and they keep my company. I really want to be on the website, please choose me to go on the site. Love, Hannah, Jerry, Maureen, Sammy and Devon

Well Hannah, here you are darling! Thank you so much for the pics, we missed seeing you guys this year at Christmas, next time you are up this way, come see us! Looks like you are taking wonderful care of Sammy and Devon! Has Devon been into anymore pennies and dimes?!