Lucy and Kelly, WA state

thank you so much for the best dog in the world! that is truly how i feel. i waited until i was forty one to get my first puppy and boy was it worth the wait... i never thought she could be as wonderful as she is. so gentle, sweet, friendly (to one and all) full of personality and love... willing to do what ever your doing whether it's watching tv or walking in the park. my vet says she is a wonderful example of what the breed is suppose to be. she has been healthy and very well adjusted and fits our family like a glove. also i would like to say what a great experience i have had working with Lea Ann and her family. i was a little nervous in the beginning, i had never made such an important purchase like a puppy and especially over the internet, but by the time i recieved lucy i felt like i was part of the family. i appreciated so much that they were going to hand deliver my puppy as opposed to shipping her on the plane, that told me that they really did care about thier dogs as well as who they were going to, it really meant so much to me...thank you all again, with much love from me and lucy!

take care, kelly

Cody with Amy and Family, in CA

Just to let you know that Cody has had a great first day with us! He is absolutely THE most affectionate puppy ever! He loves to run along with the boys in the backyard, climb into anyone's lap and his favorite toy is the bone you sent along with him! He is just the cutest thing!!

We promise to keep you in touch as he grows along... feel free to also drop us a line anytime to check in.

Riley, with family in CT

Dear Lea Ann,

Thank you so much for such a fantastic puppy! We fell in love with Riley immediately. He is so sweet and affectionate. It's obvious he came from a very happy place. He's also very spunky, just like you said! Riley has adjusted to his new live in CT very quickly.

We really appreciate you making the process of getting him so easy for us .It was a pleasant experiece and the bonus is that we now have a second wonderful dog in our home!

Take care,

Jill and Paul

Miles, with Tori in DC

Freddie and Tigger

Lea Ann,

Here are a couple pictures that I had promised to send a few days ago. Freddie and Tigger are wonderful. They are about even right now when it comes to dominance, but Tigger definitely has more attitude. Last night he kept barking at himself in the mirror. He is so entertaining to watch. Freddie weighs about a pound more and I can sure tell he is growing up! I have to loosen his harness every few days now. He still walks with me 3 times a day to the bus stop.

We are so happy with both of them.

Well, I am about to start my daily job hunt. I’d much rather stay with the puppies and boys….but, you know.


Maggie, with Pat in FL

Dear Lea Ann, Joe, & girls-

Maggie and I are getting along just great. She is such a joy- the best thinkg that's happened to me in years! She has been to dog training class- she is VERY SMART! All we need now is practice. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!

Happy Holidays & Blessings in the New Year

Pat Lightcap


A recent pictures of our dog, Avalanche-the 7 mo old Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Avalanche is the kissing bandit, when he is not the Cheeto bandito. He wants to eat everything- Johann's food (our other dog), our food. Any activity in the kitchen draws him, even from deep sleep.


Bandit from Utah

Bandit if doing great. We love him to death. And he is so smart! Sometimes to smart for his own good!

Peggy!! 2006, new pics of Bandit.

Bridget, with Mary in KS.

Dear Lea ann, There are no words to tell you how much joy this little one has brought to my life! We've settled into a routine, playing in the day, nap, and more play! Doesn't ths sound like a nice baby! Bridget is a beauty, naughty sometimes but so much fun!

Mary in Kansas


Linda and Liz

Lea Ann,

More than a Christmas card, I wanted you to have the "family portrait" Liz is doing a good job in agility and we have joined the Rainier Agility Team.

Linda, Liz, Don & Louie



Here are some recent pictures of our little Maggie. She is absolutely one of the best little dogs anyone could ever ask for. She is very loving and gentle and has quickly become very much a member of our family. We were so pleased with the way you worked with us during the time we were making our decsion to get Maggie and how easy you made the process of acquiring her after we made our decision. It is very evident that you love your endeavor into breeding Cavaliers and the results are absolutely beautiful puppies. Everyone that sees Maggie loves her personality and comment how beautiful she is!

Larry, Marlene and Chelsea Coleman

Chesterfield, Missouri

Mattie, with Janice and Micheal in OK

Lea Ann, I just wanted to let you know how much Micheal and I are enjoying Mattie. She is all what we expected and more! She loves everything and everybody. She always has lots of kisses for everyone. She loves to ride in the care. We have taken her to visit relatives in Arkansas and Texas and did great. I always get compliments on her "darling" face. As you can tell, Micheal and I are head over heels in loves with her!

Janice and Mike, in Edmond, OK

Riley, with Greg and Kristen, in southern OK

Lea Ann

Thank you so much for Riley. He has brought such joy to our lives! As you can see from the attached pictures, he is really beginning to turn the dark ruby color like you said he would. And he is such a little sweetheart! He has that wonderful Cavalier gaze--deep into your eyes that says "I love you soooo much!" And he sure does love to give kisses!! We are so happy with him in every way. We just can't thank you enough for the loving care that he received from you for those first nine weeks--we are continuing to spoil him rotten!!

Greg & Kristin Clinkenbeard

Sammy, with The Elston's, in TX. Sammy got a playmate in 2005, Annie also from us.

Charlie, with The Godfrey's in IL.

Hi! I bet you thought we forgot about you! How could we wehn you gave us the most wonderful puppy in the world! I have been wanting to send thses picstures for over a year, but I'm truely bad about keeping in touch. We just wanted to let you know how much we all love Charlie. He s very smart and well trained. He is very attached to each of us in a special way. We adone him and he is treated like the king he is! He has a new brother (a kitten) named Colley-Jack (orange and white) and they love to clean each other and sleep together. Our lives wouldn't be the same without him and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

The Godfrey's, in IL

Saabu, with Kim and David in MI


This is our little guy, One year old Birthday! He is the joy of our lives. he has become everything my husband and I hoped he would be and more. Saabu has the the "GREAT TRAITS" that this breed is so well known for, and his love of family is a wonderful experience. We are so thankful we decided on this breed, on this particular puppy, and this particular breeder. We will always have at least one or two of this breed living in our home. They add so much joy to our surroundings. JOY and INTELLIGENCE. Working with Lea Ann and Joe was another positive part of our search process. they are wonderful people... offering honesty and kindness in every part of our search process. They treated our 1st "Curious Inqiury" with the same care, concern and detail that they treated all of our contacts throughout the entire purchase process. Even now, a year later, we know they will kindly address any questions we might have. So you can see, to have found Saabu and Lea Ann and Joe, it was a win/win situation, for us in all areas involved in finding and bringing our little guy home.

Kim and David, Michigan

Devon and Sammy, with Hannah and family in St Louis!

Lea Ann, I wanted to send some pictures of Sammy and Devon. Sammy is 3 years old, Devon is 1 year old. Devon is a little goat who eats everything he can get ahold of. sammy is very sleepy. They love to wrestle and they curl up together, I think they love to be together. I love my dogs, they are my best friends, and they keep my company. I really want to be on the website, please choose me to go on the site.
Love, Hannah, Jerry, Maureen, Sammy and Devon

Well Hannah, here you are darling! Thank you so much for the pics, we missed seeing you guys this year at Christmas, next time you are up this way, come see us! Looks like you are taking wonderful care of Sammy and Devon! Has Devon been into anymore pennies and dimes?!