8/28/22 Here are our available puppies, as of today. I will be unable to be reached by phone or email from 9/7/22-9/18/22. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT MY HUSBAND, JOE. His number is 918-533-0891, if you want to talk about a puppy during that time frame!! PRICES ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE Please text me or email me at lostcreekcavaliers@gmail.com. That email comes to my phone. The email linked to the website, I can’t check from phone, and my home internet is spotty, so If you email me and don’t hear back within 24 hours, please text me. WE DO NOT SHIP. The date on the pictures is the date the picture was taken, not the date of birth of the puppies. WE place our puppies with LIMITED AKC REGISTRATION ONLY. We start the potty training process at about 5 weeks, so MOST of the time, the puppies have the concept down pretty well by the time they leave us.


Lea Ann

Lexi and Roscoe have one boy available born 6/1/22. Larry is a funny, spoiled little boy!! Loves to cuddle and be with us.

Kokkie and Roscoe have puppies available, born 5/18/22. Kade and Karl are both very outgoing and curious. Love to play with the toys and all the other puppies.

Claire and Roscoe have 1 girl available, born 5/21/22. Coco is very outgoing and playful. Loves to cuddle and be right in the middle of everything, LOL

Mimi and Finn have one girl available, Mollie. She was born 2/7/22 and is ready to leave when we find her forever home. Mollie is such a sweet girl. So very loving and smart.

Charli and Sawyer have a litter of black and tans available. We have one boy and one girl, are available, Cruz, and Candace. Cruz does have white on his chest. Cruz is such a sweet boy, very smart and loving. Candace likes to watch all the crazy and then join in after everyone else is done!! They both love to play with the toys and to cuddle with us. I will try to get new pictures of them as soon as I can. They were born 2/17/22.

Cousin and Finn have one boy available, ready to leave 6/4 or after. Callum is very laid back, loves to just watch all the crazy that goes on around here, lol. Such a loving boy.

Abby and Finn have 3 puppies available, will be ready to leave us 6/3 or after. Arlo, Astrid and and Aria. Arlo is very outgoing, curious and wants to be in the middle of everything. Aria and Astrid are pretty laid back, love to play with their toys and to be in someone’s lap.

Stella and Finn have 1 tri boy available!! Born 4/3/22, so ready to leave us anytime. Stone is a very sweet boy, he is very laid back and loving.

Susie and Finn have puppies available!! Born 4/5/22 and ready to leave us when they find the right home!! 1 tri girl, and one Blenheim girl. Sela is very outgoing and curious, wants to be in the middle of everything. Sara is laid back and gentle. Loves to cuddle.

Ginger and Finn have puppies available! Born 4/7/22 and ready to leave us when they find the right home!! Gabe and Gavin are both very loving, sweet boys. They are playful and love to play with the toys!! Sorry it was getting dark when I was taking their pictures, so they are a little fuzzy!!

Kayliegh and Finn have one boy available, born 4/15/22. Ready to leave us 6/17 or after! Kole is very outgoing and curious. Loves to run in the yard and play.

Piper and Finn have 2 boys available, Parker and Pake. They were born 4/7/22 and are ready to leave us when we find the right home!! Pake is very laid back and loves to be on someone’s lap. Parker is very curious and wants to play!!

April and Finn have one girl, Amy available. Born 3/29/22. Amy is very loving and smart. Outgoing and playful.

Black and tan and ruby males are $2800 with LIMITED AKC registration.

Black and tan and Ruby females are $3200 with LIMITED AKC registration.

ALL Blenheim and tri color females are $1960 with tax and LIMITED AKC Registration

All Blenheim and tri color males are $1640 with tax and LIMTIED AKC Registration

We DO NOT SHIP anymore.  We are happy to meet you at a local airport to pick up your puppy, or you are welcome to come here to the house to get them.